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David Corenswet in Superman costume spotted on the Superman set

We got a couple of photos from the set of Superman formerly Superman: Legacy which is written and directed by James Gunn and stars David Corenswet who also appeared in costume to shoot some scenes.

So after the release of the photo featuring the actor in costume a few weeks ago, it looks like they will be relying on a muscle suit and the classic trunks are returning too. I remember fans weren’t too keen on that photo but now things are looking a lot more positive with a lot of positive buzz over the costume.


And the trunks look accurate with the yellow belt and all. That’s the classic Superman costume we all know and grew up with, well except for kids who grew up from 2011 onwards when DC Comics went through the New 52 phase.

That controversial logo that’s borrowed from Kingdom Come Superman is also intact and has the original red and yellow tone rather than the red and black we saw in KC Superman’s last few appearance in the DC Universe.

I also have to admit that the actor is starting to look more and more like Superman so I guess they are still working or tweaking the look as production continues.

Also in this scene we have Mr. Terrific played by Edi Gathegi who played Darwin in X-Men: First Class where he was unceremoniously killed off and was pretty much the token Black Guy in that film.

Damn he looks sharp here especially as a brilliant scientist and resident brain guy for the Justice Society of America or JSA.


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