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The Hot Toys Wolverine from Deadpool and Wolverine has finally been announced!

Hot Toys has finally given us a look at the upcoming Hot Toys Wolverine from the upcoming film Deadpool and Wolverine starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman from Marvel Studios!

The figure will come in two versions. A regular version that features the cleaner looking Wolverine / Logan and the Deluxe Edition which lets you swap out some stuff including the body to have a battle-damaged look and feel to it.

and here’s what you get when you order the regular version.

I suggest, if you have the money anyway, to get the Hot Toys Wolverine Deluxe Edition instead. You may have to shell out more but you get a lot more accessories and little stuff.

In the meantime here’s the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer to get you saying “Let’s Fucking Go”.

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