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MHA Chapter 424 Fans have mixed feelings about Deku’s look at the end of My Hero Academia

Spoilers for My Hero Academia aka MHA Chapter 424! As we get a surprisingly good ending for this series that went ultra dark ultra fast.

The final battle between One for All and All for One has finally concluded and after Izuku Midoriya’s awesome display of power and a last ditch effort to stop All for One from taking over once again. In the final pages of the manga series and the current chapter that has not yet been translated officially we finally see that Deku has survived the encounter.

The final page reveals that society is getting back up after that villain problem they had that stemmed from AFO’s rise to power. We also see Deku’s new look as they walk towards the UA.

Thing is with Deku’s new look is that he’s got this weird short and long hair vibe going on. And the folks at Twitter are not having it OR having all of it.

But what do you guys think? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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