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Here’s the lowdown on Valorant’s latest Team Deathmatch Map – Drift (Which is inspired by Thailand BTW)

Riot Games recently updated their popular shooter game VALORANT with this new Team Deathmatch map called Drift which came out December 5. Here’s what we know about the new map (aside from the fact that it was loosely based on Thailand)

Longer Site Lines 

According to the production notes for Drift, the Team Deathmatch mape will feature a 3 lane layout that is designed to weave routes around the mid-lane. The Thailand-inspired map will also feature long range site lines perfect for snipers in the team.

It’s all about Dynamic Engagement 

Joey Simas, Lead Map Designer for VALORANT says that they were all for predictable firefights throughout a match and dynamic engagements were also one of the main considerations when they created the new map. Drift also features “a long range mid that has several paths that let you weave in and out of the space”. 

Valorant is now free to play on PC via the Riot Games

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