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Uniqlo x Metal Gear COULD come back soon according to the Uniqlo IG

If you missed out on the Uniqlo x Metal Gear when it was first announced last year, you should get your wallets ready because apparently the Uniqlo x Metal Gear collection is poised to return soon…

Here’s what Uniqlo wrote on their social media post:


A milestone in “stealth action.”
Innovative game series works are reissued as T-shirts.

Experience the thrill of tactical espionage action missions, sneaking into hostile nvironments without being detected by the enemy. This innovative game series was born from the idea of avoiding combat and infiltrating enemy territory undetected, a complete reversal of common action gameplay resulting in the creation of a brand-new game genre: stealth action. T-shirt of the series celebrating the series celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2022.

メタルギア アーカイブ


「敵に見つからないように潜入する」極限の緊張感――。「戦闘を避け、敵に見つからないように潜入する」、ステルスアクションゲーム( かくれんぼアクション)という新しいジャンルを作り出したメタルギアシリーズ。1987年に第1作目『METAL GEAR』が発売され、2022 年にシリーズ生誕35 周年を迎えたシリーズの復刻Tシャツ。


I like that its got different aspects from the Konami game created by Hideo Kojima which spawned a number of installments.

This is definitely a good pick although I prefer the one below featuring Jack aka Raiden from his appearance in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

There’s also one that’s more artsy featuring elements from the game.

And yes, the one above came from the very first Metal Gear game.

It’s also a good time because Konami recently did a collection release of Metal Gear games for new and next gen consoles.

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