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One Piece Chapter 1080 reveals Monkey D Garp power

We look back at One Piece chapter 1080 where we look at the awesome power of Marine vice admiral Monkey D Garp and what exactly is his power or haki?

We’ve been seeing Garp in the 1000 plus volumes of One Piece already and while we’ve seen him punch around his grandson, series protagonist Monkey D Luffy, we never did get to see him really dish out serious punishment. Even during the spectacular “Marineford Arc”, we were supposed to see him get into a real fight where he can show off his powers or skills but he gets held down by Sengoku before he can land a hit on Akainu.

But in One Piece chapter 1080, Garp finally shows us what he can dish out punching Black Beard’s Pirate Island/ Pirate Town from a totally high place while saying how Koby is an important part of the future of the Marines and that he is his protege.

And I have to say that they named a cool move for this because look at the destruction it caused. And funny enough, Blackbeard’s captains were very cautious about capturing Koby using their devil fruit powers for fear of pissing off their captain, Blackbeard ultimately its the marines who destroy most of the town.

Let’s see if this makes it somewhere in the One Piece live action where Garp is played by Vincent Regan while Morgan Davies plays Koby. Check out the trailer down below:

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