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Final Fantasy XVI ‘Salvation’ Trailer Makes us want to get the game more

Here’s a look at the latest Final Fantasy XVI trailer referred to as the Salvation trailer!

Final Fantasy XVI “Salvation” Trailer

Here’s the logline for the game:

“We don’t need your salvation. We’ll save ourselves. And we’ll do it on our own terms.” Clive Rosfield and his allies fight to take back control of their fate. What salvation can they bring to Valisthea, a land blessed by the light of the Mothercrystals? FATE WILL FALL. FINAL FANTASY XVI launches June 22, 2023 on PlayStation 5.

As you can see, the new trailer focuses on the effects of this world’s crystals on their society, on the people as well as the creatures and characters we will be encountering along the way.

And as its inferred in the Salvation trailer, there are people who use the crystals too much to make themselves literally and figuratively more powerful which also gives us a reason to see the graphics and gameplay when fighting with empowered human beings who host the Eikons who are referred to as Dominant(s),

The last part also shows us one of the first few summons in the game which is Clive’s Ifrit summon (which we also have seen in that long ass gameplay video they released sometime ago).

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