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Jada Toys Ultra Street Fighter II Chun-Li Announced

Check out these official images for the upcoming Jada Toys Ultra Street Fighter II Chun-Li

This is going to be the third action figure from Jada Toys who got the license to make Street Fighter II figures from Capcom.

Product Description:

Ultra Street Fighter II Chun-Li 6-Inch Scale Action Figure:

Give the spinning heel kick to all challengers! Get ready for the ultimate showdown in a world where street fighting is the main event. Dive into the world of nostalgia and action from the Ultra Street Fighter II video game, with this 1:12 scale Chun-Li action figure! Known to be the strongest woman in the world, Chun-Li is ready to kick her way into action. She stands about 5 3/4-inches tall and comes equipped with 1x set of alternate hands, 1x head, 1x countless kicks accessory, and display stand. She is displayed in arcade style packaging with features inspired from the game. This legend won’t go down without a fight.


The other Jada Toys Street Fighter II action figures that have been announced at the very least includes Ryu and Fei Long of all people and the toy company has promised that they would be releasing more figures in the future.

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