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realme C55 Review – 64MP Main Camera, Mini Capsule, 8GB RAM and more

Here’s my realme C55 review which is now out in stores and features the mini capsule design and 64MP main camera from realme.

Here’s a quick unboxing for the realme C55


realme c55 review thefanboyseo

For the phone’s design, I’m amused with the back panel’s look and feel.

realme c55 review thefanboyseo

The camera protrusions are still harder to get accustomed to but we’re getting there. The right side of the phone also features the volume control and the power button which also serves as the phone’s fingerprint scanner.

At the bottom, you have the usual stuff like the Type-C USB charger, the headphone jack and the forward firing, single speaker.

If you’re used to a triple camera setup based on previous releases by realme, you’ll be surprised to know that they only have two cameras equipped here for the C55.


One new element they added in with the C55 would be the “mini capsule” which looks like this.


It’s not a really fresh addition to the smartphone because there’s another brand that’s already released a similar thing fairly recently but to keep tabs, this is the first time that realme incorporates this in their own smartphone products.

For people with a tight budget, the realme C55’s display is pretty solid. It has good refresh rates and colors come out crisp and clear. The screen itself at 1080×2400.  is also pretty big again relative to the price point.

Now for some more specifics for this smartphone. The phone’s display 17.7M screen colors and 680nits for brightness.


The C55’s camera design is nice to look at with a dual-camera set up Dual-rear cameras which includes a 64 megapixel main camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera for bokeh effects.

realme c55 review thefanboyseo

Meanwhile, for selfies we have a 8MP front camera situated in the middle of the display.

realme c55 review thefanboyseo

Here’s a sample of the zooming on photo mode.

1x zoom


2x zoom


5x zoom

Yes, by the time you hit the 5X mode for the camera you can clearly see where its getting a little harder to appreciate the colors and photo quality. But again, if you just need a solid zoom on your smartphone camera then this is pretty good.

Portrait mode

AI Focusing is there but I wouldn’t rely on this too much. We do get DIS snapshots or Dynamic Image Snapshots make for more livelier action shots.


64mp mode

Landscape shots and regular outdoor shots are also great.

Front camera is good too especially when you set it on portrait mode and you take a selfie using the phone’s bokeh effect.

realme c55 front camera with bokeh on (portrait)


The realme C55 features a MediaTek Helio G88 Chipset which I personally consider a dependable brand when it comes to gaming using your smartphone. Check out some clips while I play mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile.

My overall experience with this is fun to be honest. Very minimal lagging throughout the game, no heating issues where the phone gets too hot to handle and the design is good enough to grasp. So its a pass for me on this one. If there’s anything I could note it’s the lack of additional speakers which aids in the fun not just for gaming but also for casual streaming movies or videos.

Other Phone Stuff

The smartphone’s nice gimmick here is that it has 8GB RAM which also utilizes an additional 8GB RAM which bumps the total to 16GB. The additional 8GB though is called “dynamic RAM” and it serves as a backup RAM.

You can also expand the memory to 1TB 

Get the realme C55 is now out in the market and is priced at P8,890 on Shopee, Lazada and your nearest realme store or kiosk nationwide. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more tech news and updates!

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