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Voltes V fans clamoring for Jollibee Kids Meal featuring the Volt Machines

Trending story today is those wild fan-made Jolly Kids Meal featuring the Volt Machines from anime series Voltes V and it’s offshoot /spinoff series Voltes V Legacy.

The first one above is just a standard patchwork featuring a publicity material for a past Jolly Kiddie Meal photoshopped together with simpler looking Voltes V Volt Machines. You can also see that this is a fairly old material since the prices are cheaper compared to the prices from the fastfood giant these days.

And in case you’re not aware of it, the Volt Machines have specific names and they also sound pretty cool. These are:

  • Volt Cruiser
  • Volt Bomber
  • Volt Panzer
  • Volt Frigate
  • Volt Lander

The toys are also basic looking. But this went on to garner huge numbers of shares and reactions on social media.

Then our friends from PowerPlay Ware updated the look for the fan-made Jolly Kiddie Meal to make it look more modern and appealing.

Also because Carl, the owner of PowerPlay Ware is a massive fan of Voltes V so he has the SOC versions aka the most recent release of the high-end Voltes V toys in his place. To make it more modern still, he used the logo for the ongoing Voltes V Legacy series which is now airing at 8pm on GMA 7.

Same thing happens online, people picked it up and are clamoring for Jollibee to get these made and sell it.

Really hope Jollibee is listening.

Meanwhile check out one of the many trailers for Voltes V Legacy released prior to the series’ premiere last monday.

And check out yesterday’s episode which is also free to stream on GMA’s Youtube channel.

Voltes V Legacy stars Miguel Tanfelix as Steve Armstrong, Radson Flores as Mark Gordon, Matt Lozano as Robert “Big Bert” Armstrong, Raphael Landicho as “Little Jon” Armstrong and Ysabel Ortega as Jamie Robinson. The series is directed by Mark A. Reyes with headwriter Suzette Doctolero.

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