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Why are these Family Mart stores in BGC mysteriously closing

There’s a creepy little thing happening in a bunch of Family Mart stores in Metro Manila that’s got Twitter users talking.

The OP describes the store as abandoned with a bunch of the items scattered on the floor. And I tell you that is a bit scary and straight from a post-apocalyptic movie or zombie flicks and series like The Last of Us.

This one is the branch in Market Market fronting Serendra and near that big fruit stand.

And then there’s this branch in Chino Roces naman.

Woops this post also named the owner of Family Mart chain who also runs DITO and Wendy’s among other things.

The poster for the Family Mart Chino Roces branch also posted that prior to the closing of the branch, the stocks for the store was noticeably fewer than the previous weeks.

More photos below:

The scattered papers on the floor gets me but also got me thinking whether the store crew were really in a panic to leave the store or someone just had the flair for the theatrics. Either way this is setup is curious.

What do you think happened here and will this be the last Family Mart store closures? Leave a comment below.

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