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SH Monsterarts Gamera Rebirth Gamera

Here’s a look at the upcoming SH Monsterarts Gamera Rebirth Gamera figure which is currently on preorder!

This figure of Gamera will be based on the Gamera Rebirth anime coming this year on Netflix which promises to give Gamera fans something to rave about including a big fight between Gamera and 5 kaijus! Check out the official Gamera Rebirth trailer below:


Gamera, the giant monster which has been beloved by Kaiju fans across the globe since the 1960s, faces off against five enemy creatures across six episodes in this new animated series.

Now check out the official images released for the upcoming SH Monsterarts Gamera Rebirth Gamera figure!

This Gamera Rebirth figure is currently on pre-order with a price of 13,750 yen and is set for release on August 2023. Meanwhile the anime series is still being marketed as coming “2023”. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more geek news and updates!

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