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Bandai announces DyGenGuar HG Kit

Here’s a look at the recently announced DyGenGuar HG kit from Bandai based on the mech’s appearance in the game Super Robot Wars Original Generation

Check out more photos for the figure after the cut.

I really did like the presentation they did with the succeeding images, giving buyers a clear understanding of the functions and features for this kit. It’s through this that I find out that the DyGenGuar kit will feature two swords. One is the standard katana.

And then we get the bigger katana, the one that really made DyGenGuar a fan-favorite mech

You can even do a number of poses and moves that this mech uses in the game such as the Dynamic Knuckle and more!

Check out more of the images for the upcoming release for Dynamic General

No official release date announced for this plamo kit but hopefully it comes out next year or maybe just after they finally open pre-orders for Alt Eisen’s partner Weissritter which was already teased some time last year.

About Dygenguar

The Dynamic General Guardians were developed in utmost secrecy by Divine Crusaders leader Bian Zoldark as the successors to the Grungust Series, meant to serve as defense for the Earth Cradle as part of Project Ark. Inheriting the concept of Project UR centered at Valsion, the DGGs were built with grandiose exterior design, both to boost ally morale and to intimidate enemy forces. All units are equipped with artificial muscles throughout the body, resulting in excellent agility. Furthermore, Unit 1 and Unit 3 are installed with a specialized OS which traces after the pilot’s movements inside the cockpit, allowing the pilot to control the robot like their own body. This however also requires a pilot to be skilled at the respective mecha’s combat style.

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