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The Rascal Rabbit Is Back: SEAL-M Pre-Registration Opens Today!

Rascal Rabbit and other SEAL monsters are back — and they are cuter than ever!

MARCH 09, 2023 — A new adventure awaits all gamers alike as SEAL-M, an MMORPG classic, returns —and is better than ever. Starting today, March 9, SEAL IP fans and MMORPG lovers can start pre-registering and wait to be transported to the amazing world of Shiltz. Players can explore new content, try out its unique upgraded “combo system,” and get hit by a wave of nostalgia with familiar faces and whimsical monsters such as Afro Tree and Rascal Rabbit. 

SEAL-M, which was developed by PLAYWITH Games, topped the Apple App Store charts in both popularity and sales when it was first released in Taiwan in April 2022 demonstrating its strength in the region. The game encapsulates the beloved PC game, SEAL Online that was released in 2003 and remains popular today.

Aside from amazing graphics, enhanced gameplay, and in-game rewards, gamers can look forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new gaming friends with whom they can explore the beautiful and challenging world of Shiltz. SEAL-M is all geared up to conquer Southeast Asia from Taiwan and Thailand to Indonesia and the Philippines with its adorable couple system, cute pets, and unique costumes, the game is bound to charm and entertain players with its fun and exciting adventures and challenges along the way. 

All players who pre-register through the Google Play and App Store will receive useful in-game items such as Rachel’s tears, Opats, and 100,000 Shekels for the first 50,000 pre-registrants. Players can also receive rare rewards for every pre-registration milestone that the game achieves such as Rascal Rabbit Shoes, Top, Bottom, Hat and even the Brown Tiger Fat Cat.

PLAYWITH Games invites everyone to pre-register to enjoy exclusive rewards and to see once again their favorite characters such as the altruistic priest, the honorable knight, the mighty warrior, the mysterious mage, and the acrobatic jester. 

Visit and follow our Facebook page for more details. Pre-register now! 

For more information about SEAL M itself please visit its official website and follow the SEAL M SEA Official Facebook Page and subscribe to PLAYWITH SEA – YouTube.

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