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Superman # 1 Spoilers – Daily Planet has a new Editor in Chief

This week we’re doing a bunch of posts for Superman # 1 heading out to Dawn of DC from DC Comics. And it looks like the Daily Planet has a new EIC or Editor in Chief after long time EIC Perry White went on a sabbatical. The issue was written by Joshua Williamson and art by Jamal Campbell.


spoiler alert photo

Ok so with the return of Superman in Superman # 1 which happens probably some time after Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths there are a few things that have changed, not the biggest one but its on the top tier is the reveal of Clark Kent’s new boss as he returns to writing for the Daily Planet.

Superman # 1 spoilers lois lane is new Daily Planet editor in chief

Yes, it looks like Lois Lane has been offered the job as Daily Planet Editor in Chief while Perry White is away on a sabbatical. We don’t know how long this will be the status quo but it is interesting to see what she would do and how she would react to Clark’s constant disappearing act.

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