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Issa Rodriguez’s “Take My Time” Tells That You Should Never Rush Into Love

Issa Rodriguez is back with a new single this year and it’s called “Take My Time”. According to the singer-songwriter, she was able to write it back in 2018 and it’s all about liking someone so much but choosing to wait and work on yourself before entering a relationship. (LISTEN HERE)

Issa doesn’t believe in the whole “you complete me” thing, as she tells, “I believe that we have to be whole before committing to someone— for our sake and theirs. She also adds, “We deserve to be with people who choose to continuously work on themselves, and our partners (or future partners) aren’t responsible for putting broken pieces back together.”

During the time she’s writing this song, she felt like having enough of “situationships” and at the same time, she was still healing and working on herself.

“So I wrote that song, basically to say “wait lang, ayusin ko lang sarili ko before I commit to anything.” Love takes time so we don’t have to rush things just to say na hindi ka na single,” Issa further shares.

The singer-songwriter worked with Zak Yokingco as her song arranger, along with her keyboardist Lex Mendoza and they ultimately came up with a fun and upbeat sound for “Take My Time” with a noticeably radiant horn section. This is Issa’s first release this year, following “Silong” featuring Kyle Juliano. Stream it now on your favorite streaming platforms.

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