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Normie Osborn’s Red Goblin has a bunch of forms

Spoilers for Red Goblin # 1 written by Alex Paknadel and Jan Bazaldua. In today’s post, we take a look at the different forms that we’ve seen with this revamped character starring Norman Osborn’s grandchild Normie Osborn.

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The first form we see for this character is an all-red symbiote suit that’s got a spiked head and looking very much like Spider-Man’s black costume only in red.

This one’s pretty cool and looks like it can do the same things that Peter Parker can do or what Venom can do.

But piss of the host and the symbiote and you’ll get the second form which is more like the Red Goblin we saw a few years ago.

It’s like it will follow the goblin form when you tick it enough just like what these young Goblins did. The Spidey eyes turn into one that resembles Green Goblins, fangs appear and elvish ears also pop out. To make it more menacing, a tail also pops out and there’s clawed fingertips for the hands.

And since Normie Osborn and the symbiote “Rascal” aren’t really bonded together, the gooey symbiote looks scary when he’s also pissed off.

Its pretty interesting read and I like to read new solo books, hope Marvel doesn’t axe the book before writer Paknadal could really give the character more things to do and more villains to battle.

Speaking of villains, check out the villain that popped out at the end of Red Goblin # 1.

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