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How Slow Internet Speed Can Affect Your Business Productivity?

The internet has become a crucial part of the functioning of almost all businesses. However, simply having an internet connection is not sufficient. Companies should have a fast internet speed to ensure the business stays productive. According to previous studies, employees lose 44 minutes of productivity weekly if the internet connection is slow. A slow internet not only reduces productivity but can end up killing it. Here is how slow internet speed can affect your business productivity. 

Reduced Efficiency 

Slow internet increases the time required to complete an online task. Businesses can use the Speed Test platform to analyze the internet speed of their Wi-Fi connection to check whether the speed is sufficient enough to meet the business requirements. In addition, slow internet reduces the efficiency of the employees by increasing the uploading time of the documents, increasing the loading speed of a website and lags in accessing the cloud services. 

Furthermore, waiting time to get things done also increases frustration among the employee and negatively affects them. Therefore, we recommend you use DITO to ensure that you subscribe to an internet plan that guarantees a good internet speed. 

Spoils Customer Service 

Customers expect fast customer service when they reach for an enquiry. However, with a slow internet connection resolving an issue becomes hugely challenging. For instance, slow internet increases the fetching time of the information, which is crucial to provide a speedy solution to the customers. 


Also, a bad customer experience can negatively impact the business. Customer experience is of utmost importance for any business. 

Lags In Video Conferences 

With businesses going international, video conferences have become extremely common. Many clients and investors prefer to connect over a video conference instead of a call. However, video conferences can be a disaster with a slow internet speed because of the lagging issue. In addition, it results in miscommunication and frustration amongst the team members of the calls. 


As a business, ensuring an optimum internet speed inside the office and for the employees working from home is vital. Consequently, one can expect a smooth video conference only when the internet speed remains suitable for everyone. 

Delayed Project Completion 

We have already discussed how slow internet can reduce the efficiency of the employees. The reduced efficiency has a direct impact on the project completion time. Slow internet can delay the project completion rate, affecting the business’s overall performance. 

Furthermore, delayed project completion can result in reputation damage to the company. It holds true when the companies fail to meet the expectations of the customers, investors and other business partners. It can also give rise to adverse ripple effects within the business. 

Increased Stress 

All the above side effects of slow internet speed increase employee stress. The stress of piling work with no fault of the employees is a huge contributor to workplace stress. The mental stress in itself can further reduce the efficiency of the employees, which again brings down the performance of the business. 

Lost Revenue 

All the problems arising due to poor internet speed take a hit on the business directly and indirectly. It ultimately results in the form of lost revenue for the company. Also, it not only affects the current income of the business but also has the potential to affect future revenue. It is especially true if the internet connection results in poor customer service and company reputation damage. 

How To Increase The Internet Speed To Enhance Productivity?

Firstly, no matter what you do, if you have subscribed to a low internet speed package, the internet speed will remain slow. Therefore, businesses should first identify the internet speed requirement in the office setup to ensure an optimal experience. Then, after determining the suitable internet speed, upgrade the subscription plan if required. 

Also, consider creating a mesh network if you have a large office setup. A mesh network will ensure smooth internet connectivity without compromising the speed of the entire office setup. Businesses can also consider extenders to increase the range of the router. Also, when a new router update is available, please update it to experience better speed and security. 

It is crucial to check the internet speed requirement of the business regularly. As the company grows, the internet speed requires an upgrade to match the online workload. 


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