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Alex Gonzaga gives update on her controversy, apologizes to worker

Alex Gonzaga has finally spoken up regarding the recent controversy she found herself

The actress posted a photo of her and the worker she humiliated prompting the ire of netizens who called the act “insensitive” and the actress “heartless”.

The server in question, Allan, also wrote a letter which the Gonzaga party also posted.


The trouble started when a video posted by Dani Barretto showed Gonzaga at her birthday party smearing icing on the hapless waiter who was holding the cake for Alex to blow. It was a “My Day” post that people were able to download and share online while getting comments about Gonzaga’s insensitive action and the utter humiliation the waiter got.

A day later, a publicist for the Gonzaga family cleared some times saying that the waiter was working for a catering company that works closely with Alex’s family. The publicist also stated that Alex knows the waiter and that they are friends insinuating that friends can do this kind of embarrassment to one another.

Gonzaga also posted an apology on her Twitter account, something that most people have been demanding from her since the video went viral. 

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