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3 Ways to Still Save Money while diving into your toy collecting spending sprees

Toy collecting is one of the many expensive hobbies that might not be for everybody, but for me, its important because it does a number of things for me. But with the times right now, collecting can be a big pain in the wallet especially if you’re raising a kid or have a family to support; but a real toy collector knows what’s what and they are able to find ways to juggle their responsibilities and their hobbies. This article is for those toy collectors or action figure hobbyists.

So here are 3 ways to still save money while diving into your toy collecting spending spree.

  1. Pre-Order

Pre-ordering a toy has its ups and downs but for this list, let’s take a look at the good bit. Pre-ordering a specific toy versus going out and looking for it in stores during the release date will save you money because it shields you from spending more for the same item on Amazon and eBay.

2. Streamline

Streamlining for toy collectors means that they are ditching parts of their collection and selling them. Some of the reasons why collectors streamline is because they no longer like the line, the line of figures or toys have been discontinued or because certain items in the collection are just not sparking “joy” for collectors. That’s a pretty normal thing too so from time to time, collectors really need to look at their action figure collection and see which figures are not working for them anymore. Then they can sell the figures either at a good deal or at a fraction of the acquisition price.

3. Learn what to invest in 

Another skill that you need to learn if you want to save money while still being able to buy toys or action figures is to develop an eye for what to invest in. To do this you need to pull out your financial calculators and spread out your budget for your toys then seeing how much you can buy that will fit your budget and then executing your plan. The second part though is monitoring the prices of that specific item and learning also when to let go of your item to the market.

But don’t forget also to have fun with these action figures. Pose them, shoot pictures with them, take a video, just as long as you just don’t stock them. Or maybe do that too, if that makes you happy and contented then by all means go.

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