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First Look at the Marvel Legends Ch’od Build-a-Figure

Here’s our first look at the Marvel Legends Ch’od Build-a-Figure which is now on pre-order online through stores which also includes other figures like Cyclops, White Queen / Emma Frost and more!

Here’s what the Hasbro Pulse Facebook page wrote:

#MarvelLegends fans – here’s your FIRST LOOK at the new Ch’od Build-A-Figure included in the upcoming Marvel Legends X-Men wave available for pre-order tomorrow at 1:00pm ET on #HasbroPulse! Stay tuned for more!
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Check out the official images for this Build-a-figure.
And here’s the breakdown for the figures to build Ch’od.
So its a nice assortment of different X-Men characters as well as spinoff characters and teams like the Starjammers, the Imperial Guard and Generation X.
Who is Ch’od?

Ch’od is one of the founding members of the Starjammers. Though he can be a fierce combatant, he is usually genial and friendly in social interactions (though his sheer size and lizard-like appearance can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with him or his species). Ch’od is accompanied by his small, furry pet Cr’reee.

As with the other original three Starjammers, Ch’od was once a slave, until Corsair led a rebellion. The group ended up operating out a powerful starship and gained the membership of Sikorsky, a powerful, insectoid doctor. Ch’od has been with the Starjammers through all their adventures, such as engaging in combat against the alien Brood, helping Professor X gain an entirely new body and being on the run from the Shi’ar Empire when they harbored its longtime ruler, Lilandra. The Starjammers not only have the trust of the X-Men, but the Earth’s other major superhero team, the Avengers.

For a time he and his fellow Starjammers were imprisoned and replaced by Skrulls, who were attempting to conquer the Shi’ar empire. The X-Men help rescue him. Ch’od assisted when the Hulk needed help infiltrating an alien empire that was threatening the lives of his friends.

Ch’od suffered the death of his loyal friend Corsair at the hands of Corsair’s son Vulcan and less tragically, teammate Hepzibah’s stranding on Earth. Several X-Men remained with the Starjammers

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