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Bayad partners with Eplayment, elevating payment services across online platforms

Bayad, the largest multi-channel payment platform in the Philippines ties up with Eplayment, a creator and esports platform aggregator, which now offers a one-stop shop payment service through its flagship product, the Eplayment wallet.

Marrying the experience of fintech and entertainment, Eplayment launched Epaygames in 2020, with the goal of extending the said e-wallet service to its customers, businesses, and content creators in the e-gaming and entertainment space.

Apart from enabling fund transfer, prepaid loading, and digital purchase of game and entertainment credits. Bayad now powers the bill payment capability of Eplayment covering services for electric and water utility, cable and internet, government contributions, loan payments, school tuition fees, online shopping, insurance, and many others.

On top of that, the partnership will soon enable game publishers, content creators, and other entertainment merchants to monetize their content and accept payouts through Bayad’s physical and digital payment touchpoints.

Bayad President and CEO, Lawrence Y. Ferrer underscored, “we recognize that a dynamic Eplayment experience provides gamers and content creators value added services that will help them save more time as they stay focused on their craft. This is why, we are committed to onboard more billers in Eplayment’s platform, as we continue to boost our real-time posting feature which will allow customers to settle and monitor their payments with ease.”

Eplayment President and CEO Karlos Naidas also shared, ”Eplayment was created for the service of content creators and gig workers in the Philippines. We are committed in helping them make the most of their online careers as they monetize their game streaming, vlogging, and other digital means. Our partnership with Bayad will help serve the careers of tomorrow to blossom and grow in the Philippines by allowing our customers to pay their bills in real-time.”

For financial institutions and businesses like Eplayment that are interested to be part of Bayad’s extensive channel network, you may send an email to partnerships@bayad.com. Bayad enables partners to attain nationwide presence and provides end-to-end support services for efficient payment and collection processing.

About Bayad
Bayad is the pioneer and trusted brand in the outsourced payment collection service in the Philippines, aggregating a multitude of billers into a robust system that is now being used by more than 100,000 physical touchpoints and leading digital and mobile platforms across the country. Formerly known as Bayad Center, it continues trailblaze the industry as it evolves from an over-the-counter payment center into a full-service fintech service company, offering a whole suite of financial products & services available to both consumers and businesses.

About Eplayment
Eplayment is an e-wallet for content creators from varying backgrounds and genres. Eplayment’s goal is to allow creators to make easy, fun, and secure transactions across platforms. In June 2021, Eplayment released the beta version of the e-wallet to 1,000 users only and have been releasing updates nonstop since then and has grown its base vigorously. In October 2022, Eplayment released the e-banking services of the app. Soon, Eplayment users will be able to access software tools for content creation and monetization. The Eplayment App is downloadable via Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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