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Genshin Impact Leaks reveal Fontaine Glider

Here’s another Genshin Impact leak from favorite Twitter leakers which shows us the Fontaine Glider that could be obtained when future latches drop.

I know it’s not a lot to go by but you have got to give the design Hoyoverse put into designing this.

It also appears to be a 4 star variant which is a cut above the rest of other windgliders available in the game.

We can even see how aesthetically pleasing the glider is when equipped to characters like Scaramouche aka The Wanderer.

So far no word yet on how to get this windglider or if you have to finish a specific mission.I do wish they just handed it out for players but that would still depend on timing.

This is of course another notch on Fontaine specific leaks which previously gave us two new characters namely an unnamed female Geo user and a female Hydro user which some Genshin Impact fans believe to be the Hydro Archon.

Credits to @Genshinmains for these amazing images.

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