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More glam shots for the Marvel Legends X-Men 3 Pack featuring Storm, Forge and Jubilee

We got more glam shots from the upcoming Marvel Legends X-Men 3 Pack featuring Storm, Forge and Jubilee which is currently on pre-order online including thru the Hasbro Pulse website!

Up top you’ll see the front packaging and below you’ll see the back side of the packaging.

So in terms of accessories, we don’t get much here. For Storm you can the lightning effect and an alternate pair of hands (closed fist). Forge gets his big rifle and alternate hands while Jubilee gets an alternate head, hands, removable pink shades and power effect.

The Jubilee figure also seems to follow the new pinless mold which is totally cool.

Product Description:

Intrigue in the Shi’ar Empire has drawn X-Men Storm, Jubilee, and Forge into outer space and conflict with former friends and allies the Starjammers and Imperial Guard. The X-Men 60th Anniversary Marvel Legends Forge, Storm, and Jubilee 6-Inch Action Figures Set includes three 6-inch scale action figures and 13 accessories. Ages 4 and up.

This X-Men 3 pack featuring Storm, Forge and Jubilee is currently on pre-order and has an SRP of $77.99 and coming May 2023!

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