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Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths ending sets up a new Suicide Squad with two Peacemakers

This week’s Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths ends as a spectacle with a potentially good payoff including the epilogue which teases a new Suicide Squad led by Amanda Waller with two Peacemakers too.

Spoilers for Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths # 7 by Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval and more.

So in the final pages for the book, we see that the weakened Deathstroke the Terminator aka Slade Wilson has been seemingly killed by an unknown assailant while being contained in a special tube that keeps him alive.

Few pages later, we see Amanda Waller talking to the DC Comics version of “The Light”, speaking to Amanda Waller.

Interestingly enough Waller’s last appearance was in War for Earth 3 where she tried to take over the Crime Syndicate’s Earth 3 which led to a three way between the Titans, the Crime Syndicate and the Suicide Squad.

Let’s see where 2023 takes us in terms of big events for DC Comics.

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