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Prehistoric Starbrand’s backstory reveals he was gay – Avengers Assemble Alpha # 1

We really didn’t know more about most of the characters that compose the prehistoric Avengers in Jason Aaron’s current Avengers run including the Red Hulk-ish Starbrand but in Avengers Assemble Alpha # 1 we get more details for the big guy.

Spoilers for Avengers Assemble Alpha # 1 by Jason Aaron and Bryan Hitch.

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With both teams down and Mephisto and Avenger Prime continuing to fight nearby, the leader of the Multiversal Masters of Evil, Doctor Doom, reveals himself to the knocked out heroes. The sorcerer supreme Agamotto tries to fight Doom but is easily defeated.

That’s when the hulking Starbrand reappears and starts fighting Doctor Doom.

As the big guy continues to hit Doom, we get to see glimpses of the man who would become the first human host for the Starbrand.

And his backstory’s pretty sad as we see him happy with his lover; before he dies under a pile of rocks presumably from accident. And then the man formerly known as Vnn getting the Starbrand powers.

Unfortunately for him though, the Starbrand’s power is not enough to take out Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four villain uses his powers to turn Vnn into a giant glob of flesh, unable to fight Doom any longer.

Wasn’t expecting that but it’s cool. Hopefully they undo the damage that Doom had done on the poor guy.

I really do hope that Aaron gives us more backstories for his prehistoric Avengers team before he ends his Avengers book run. It was fun to learn about the others like stone age Ghost Rider and even the connection between Thor and the Phoenix Force.

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