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Disney Store now selling Peter Parker’s classic Polo Shirt from Spider-Man: The Animated Series

It started on Reddit. Somebody posted a question about where they can get Peter Parker’s polo shirt as seen in the classic Spider-Man: The Animated Series and now here we are, its now available on Disney+.

The classic look is very “uncle” or “tito” complemented by being tucked in.

So today, I find out that the Disney Store is now actually selling this online. Check out some of the product shots down below.

The only dealbreaker for me would be the Spider-Man logo you can see at the top right part of the shirt.

This polo shirt is priced online at $49.99 but unfortunately it’s already sold out. So that would mean if you want to get this, its either you have it custom made or look for this on the secondary market.

In the meantime, you can enjoy Spider-Man: The Animated Series as its now available locally on Disney+.

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