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Top Food to Try when you’re in SM City Masinag – #SMCityMasinagFoodCrawl2022

One of the most exciting things to do when going to the mall is discovering a new restaurant or food stall and suddenly getting lost in the flavor and aroma of the food. That’s what exactly needs to be done when you are visiting SM City Masinag! So join us as we take you on a quick trip on some of top food places you need to try when you’re in SM City Masina via the #SMCityMasinagFoodCrawl2022!


A big thank you to frequen collaborator Alec Egido for these amazing shots!



All 4 U has been generating a lot of positive buzz since it opened it’s first store in the PH. The combination of a good price point with amazing menu items and good ol’ customer service makes it a prime spot to visit when you’re in SM City Masinag. Trust me when I say this is busog!

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Potato Giant

If you’re looking for a quick fix while walking around SM Masinag then we highly suggest you visit Potato Giant located at the mall’s Food Court. These aren’t just fries too, you can get an assortment of different products and most importantly order some good cheese sauce/ dips to complement your chow.

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Looking for a quick fix while shopping? Then Noodlemix is your best bet.

The servings when ordering here are pretty gracious. The sauce they use for the noodles is just right and you shouldn’t expect the saltiness to punch you in the gut. The siomai and dumplings are awesome!

Master Siomai

Still on the subject of Siomai, we also have everybody’s favorite, Master Siomai for your Siomai needs!

Syempre, we all know the drill when eating Siomai at Master Siomai. Order and pay from the counter…

And just go crazy with the soy sauce and the chili garlic.

And the calamansi. And probably a tall glass of the gulaman “samalamig”.



Takoyadon might look like the regular food court place with Takoyaki as their main pull but they are creative enough to put their own twist to this.

Dining in, you get great presentation which is something most Takoyaki places tend to neglect. Even in take out, it still looks good and smells good.


If you’re looking for the standard Takoyaki that’s affordable and fast then we also recommend dropping by Takoyakiks!

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