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Enchanted Kingdom celebrates Anniversary with Bamboo

One of my favorite places to visit locally, Enchanted Kingdom, celebrated its anniversary recently and we got invited to cover the festivities.

The day was also interesting because they also launched their latest horror ride Alcatraz days before Undas / Halloween. And that was an interesting launch because they actually brought out one of the monsters that would terrorize visitors and park patrons.

Have to admit it is pretty creepy to look at especially since the backstory for the attraction is that there’s this mad scientist who experimented on prisoners on a penitentiary which turned most of the inhabitants into all sorts of monsters.

Then the main event would be the concert that happened around 6:00pm-ish on the Enchanted Kingdom concert grounds in Spaceport.

The concert had Victoria’s Way as the front act. The group is named after one of Enchanted Kingdom royalty, Princess Victoria, EK’s premiere all-female vocal group showcases a total song and dance performance. The mesmerizing voices of Victoria’s Way leave the audience wanting for more. A word of wisdom from these enchanting ladies concludes their act.

And then the main event; Bamboo.

The former Rivermaya frontman rocked the crowd with a full set of songs including “Tatsulok” and a few Rivermaya songs as well which he sung back in the 90s plus the Bamboo standards.

By the end of the night, everybody in the crowd was singing along with “Noypi” and other popular Bamboo songs. Personal favorite was Tatsulok though and that started fantastic with a great AVP running in the background.

Some videos of his performance HERE

And as standard for every weekend at EK, they ended this with a grandiose fireworks display at around 7:00pm which is just so good to look at event after all these years!

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