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ESGS 2022 Day 3 Cosplayers

Here’s a look at the Top Cosplayers from ESGS 2022 from different games and titles including popular ones like Genshin Impact and Valorant! Special credits to Vince Corpuz Photography for these amazing shots!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

League of Legends 

Genshin Impact

Apex Legends 


Resident Evil 

Parting Shot

Honestly I wasn’t expecting the different cosplays our team spotted in the floor for Day 3 of ESGS 2022. I was actually assuming that we would be getting all sorts of versions and variations of Genshin Impact maybe a few League of Legend cosplays and a few Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy here and there. Oh and some Overwatch too and Resident Evil. But man oh man was I glad I was so wrong.

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