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Hasbro continues building the Reavers with the Marvel Legends Pretty Boy figure

Hasbro continues building up the mutant hunting cyborg team known as the Reavers with the reveal of the Marvel Legends Pretty Boy figure.

Check out the full figure official images below…

In the comics, the Reavers were Australian mutant hunting cyborgs who were one of the main enemies of the X-Men during their “Outback Era” where they moved their operations to Australia. There were a number of versions of the team but the one that Hasbro decided to take was the first team which consists of:

  • Pretty Boy
  • Bonebreaker
  • Skullbuster

and a bunch of other notable X-Men villains who either use them as henchmen or hired muscle or legit teaming up with them because of their shared hatred for mutants and the X-Men.

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