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TERA Classic SEA CBT is open today featuring in-game activities, rewards, and more

Playpark announces that the classic MMORPG TERA Classic SEA is now on CBT or Closed Beta Test starting today, October 19!

TERA Classic SEA, a classic MMORPG Open-World mobile game from the creators of TERA Online, opens its Closed Beta Test (CBT) today October 19, 2022 to October 23, 2022 via APK or Google Play. Eleven countries in Southeast Asia will be able to play in the CBT including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. For iOS users, you can also pre-register on the App Store to receive reward items when the game is officially released.

How to join Closed Beta TERA Classic SEA
Open for CBT testing: October 19 – October 23, 2022

Download APK or Register on Google Beta Testing

* TERA Classic SEA during the CBT can be played on the BlueStacks, NoxPlayer or LDPlayer emulators.
** You can use PlayID, Google ID, Facebook ID, or Apple ID to log into the game.

*** After the test period, all game data will be reset.

Experience the magic of TERA on your mobile phones with the Tera Classic SEA CBT!
Become a part of the classic MMORPG legend today!

Closed Beta Welcome Event TERA Classic SEA

Top up during CBT, get up to double the Blue Diamonds back during launch!
Topping up during the CBT will give you back as much as double the amount when the game launches! As much as 200% Blue Diamonds will be given to everyone who topped up within the CBT period depending on the amount you spent:

Level 1: Top-up with packages or Blue Diamond under USD 1,000 and get 200% Blue Diamonds back.

Level 2: Top-up with packages or Blue Diamond above USD 1,000, get 100% Blue Diamond back.

During the official launch of TERA Classic SEA, the Blue Diamond rate of return will be spread over seven consecutive days. On launch day, you will receive 40%, and Days 2-7 will return 10% Blue Diamonds each depending on the amount you spent.

*** All Packages or Diamonds purchased during CBT will be reset (please decide before purchase) ***

See more details and conditions for returning Blue Diamond HERE.

Elin Giveaway event. Giveaways happen throughout the CBT!

Just log in during CBT and get free items everyday! Receive 1,500 Red Diamond and 10 Uncommon Pet Scrolls

via the Elin Giveaway event! Enter the game on October 21 during the CBT period and receive a Superior Pet Selection Box for free!

For more details on the activities, please visit the event activities article.

Fun Level Challenge activities throughout the CBT session!

All rewards will be received during the official game launch.

Step 1: Just log in to the game during CBT to receive 10 Uncommon Pet Scroll.

Step 2: Just reach level 50 during the CBT to get a Superior Pet Selection Box and 2,000 Red Diamond.

For more details on the activities, please visit the event activities article.

You can also vote and cheer for your favorite team. With a big campaign “TERA Classic SEA [Triple War]” that includes streamers, cosplayers, famous VTubers from 5 countries, this is your chance to win big prizes like the Asus ROG Flow Z13 and ASUS ROG Phone, totaling more than 100,000 baht! Vote now – 11 November 2022 via https://bit.ly/3ftdN2v

The TERA Classic SEA Closed Beta Test period is the last event before launch and your last chance to own the items and rewards from the pre-registration event! If you haven’t registered, click on this link for both the App Store and Google Play to receive reward items when the game is officially released.

Follow the news about TERA Classic SEA on the website.
https://teraclassic.playpark.com or www.facebook.com/PlayParkTERAClassicSEA

About TERA Classic SEA

A faithful recreation of TERA Online, TERA Classic SEA delivers its predecessor’s well-loved elements to smartphones. An action MMORPG that puts emphasis on player skill, sense of timing, and positioning, the game combines stunning graphics and advanced Enemy AI to deliver a fast-paced, challenging, and engaging combat experience. Set in the large open world of TERA, the game offers seven different playable races, five available classes, PvE and PvP game modes, and an engaging story that spans across over 80 different locations.


About PlayPark

PlayPark, an online game publisher in Southeast Asia under Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, currently has employees in six countries: Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

PlayPark has launched more than 175 PC and mobile games covering a wide range of genres, including MMORPG, SRPG, Casual, FPS, and MOBA, operating more than 29 live games currently.  Other than specializing in in-game service, Asiasoft also understands the different needs and preferences of the markets it is operating in, with a comprehensive team in Southeast Asia. As a result, it contributed to the huge success of launching and operating a variety of games.

Over the years, Asiasoft has launched PC games such as Ragnarok (TH), Yulgang Online (TH, VN), Audition (TH, SG, PH, MY), MapleStory SEA (MY, SG), MU Online (TH, SG, PH, MY, ID), Cabal Online (TH, PH), MAT2 (SG, PH, MY), Heroes of the Storm (TH, SG, MY, PH), and mobile games such as Line Dragonica Mobile (TH, SG, PH, MY, ID, VN), Ragnarok Mobile (TH), TS Online Mobile (TH), Club Audition Mobile (SG, PH, MY). With such an impressive portfolio,  Asiasoft has gained the confidence of world-class game developers such as Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, SEGA, CAPCOM, NEXON, Gravity, HanbitSoft to work with us.

With 21 years of experience in the gaming industry, Asiasoft has published the most number of MMORPG games in Southeast Asia, with an active player base in the region of more than 7 million IDs.


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