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The Choudenshi Bioman cast is coming to Manila via Toku Spirits Live

Check it out guys! The Choudenshi Bioman cast is flying to Manila via promoter Toku Spirits and will be having a meet & greet with fans.

The cast for the series includes:

Ryosuke Sakamoto as Shiro Gou

Takahiko Ota as Shingo Takasugi

Akito Osuga as Ryuuta Nanbara

Sumiko Tanaka

Michiko Makino as Hikaru Katsuragi

I’ve attended the Maskman online event before and that was definitely a fun event. So I can only think that this would have a lot more interaction considering it’s a face to face event. And it’s pretty easy to get to the venue too which is in Ortigas Pasig.

Check out more details below:

Then after the event you can probably hum the closing song for the series:

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