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Godzilla vs Dragonzord – Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 1

Ever thought who would win in a Godzilla vs Dragonzord fight? Well that’s already been done in the comics at least with the release of Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 1!.

Spoilers abound for the book written by Cullen Bunn and artist Freddie Williams II

spoiler alert photo

So in this unnecessary but delicious crossover between the Big G and the multicolored rangers, we find Zordon communicating with the Green Ranger as he does recon on Rita Repulsa who has discovered another powerful artifact. Rather than fall back, Tommy attacks Rita and her gang and they get transported to an alternate universe where Angel Grove and presumably the entire world has been destroyed.

Rita and her gang watch a fight between Godzilla and Megaguirius and then spot a floating ship observing the fight. Rita teleport inside and fight the aliens from Planet X. In true crossover fashion, they hash it out and watch down below as Tommy wakes up in this world and summons the Dragonzord.

And you have got to like this fight because you can already know a mile away who will really win this fight. Initially though, it looks like the Dragonzord would win showing off all its attacks from those finger missiles to the tail drill.

The last attack pisses Godzilla off that the King of Monsters starts charging up for an atomic breath attack.

One blast and this Godzilla vs Dragonzord fight is over.

Tommy is even shocked that Godzilla’s attack has enough juice to really throw away

Of course this isn’t the end of the story. The Rangers are able to track Tommy and be his back up.

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