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Safeguard’s SAFEWash, MWF and DepEd Join Hands to Ensure Safer BalikEskwela

Stepping up to ensure that minimum handwashing standards are met for the nationwide reopening of classes, Safeguard’s SAFEwashjoined forces with Manila Water Foundation (MWF) and DepEd to hold a P&G Safeguard Brigada Eskwela at the National Orthopedic Hospital School for Crippled Children (NOH SCC) last August 17.

“BalikEskwela” 2022

After two years of living through the world’s most extended school closure, the Philippines finally reopens its public and private schools.

The resumption of in-person classes was prompted by the challengesbrought about by the “digital divide,” or the gap between individuals andtheir access to digital tools such as the Internet and digital-enabled services and devices. The Philippines Digital Economy Report 2020 of the National Economic Development Authority and the World Bank highlighted that this unequal access to digital resources has affected poor-performing and marginalized students.

To bridge this gap, DepEd’s “OplanBalikEskwela 2022” engages partner agencies, organizations, and other stakeholders to facilitate a smooth and safe transition back to face-to-face classes.


Back-to-School-Ready with #SAFEWash

Helping to facilitate a successful nationwide school reopening, Safeguard partnered with DepEd and MWF to strengthen the minimum handwashing standards of schools across Metro Manila and other key areas nationwide through SAFEWash program.

Last August 17, thiscollaborationmounted a successful MWF & Safeguard Brigada Eskwelafor the National Orthopedic Hospital School for Crippled Children (NOH SCC), wheresinks and hand soaps were provided.

The program also complemented the donations with educational modules and a tutorial session for school staffto reinforce proper handwashing practice. P&G volunteers alsoparticipated to helprefurbish the classrooms.

A Huge Step Towards a Safer Normal

To-date, Safeguard’s SAFEWashhas already reached 200,000+ students and school staff nationwide.

Celebrating thishuge step towards a Safer Normal, Vice President for P&G Beauty Care and Brand Operations, Aldrich Gopal,echoedthe Brand’s vision to safeguard the nation’s health. “A huge thank you to our partners for helping make this happen. Together, we take this step towards a SAFER normal, directly impacting the lives of our schoolchildren and their families,” he said.

But while this continuing collaboration has already madegreat strides in ensuring health and hygiene in schools, the SAFEWash programis far from over.


More Helping Hands Needed

Since its launch in 2020,SAFEWashhas been equipping schools win against germs and illnesses, asa support to DepEd’s WASH in Schools (WinS) program.WinS is DepEd’s three-star rating system for evaluating public schools’ over-all hygiene and sanitation, wherethe opportunity to create a culture of proper handwashingis strong.

The project’s goal to uplift the hand hygiene rating of schools all over the Philippines, can be only achieved through sustained help and support.With your continued patronageof Safeguard, we can work hand-in-hand toward a Safer Normal, whereproper handwashing culture in schools is built and promoted. After all, safeguarding the students and school staff means safeguarding the future of the nation.

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