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Sundried Freshness for All: Wash ALL your clothes in Downy’s #SunnyAllSaDowny Sampayan ng Bayan for FREE

No more #SanaAll! #SunnyAllSaDowny Sampayan ng Bayan is Free-for-All!

Wash all the fabricsyou want with Downy for FREE atthe biggest community laundry get-together, #SunnyAllSaDowny Sampayan ng Bayan.

Happening this September 10 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM atBarangay Palingon,Taguig City –Tipas Elementary School Basketball Court,the barangay-wide event also boasts a jam-packed entertainment program hosted by Kaladkarenand Tart Carlos. Live performances from Sam Conception and Leah Patricio among other familiar faces from Tiktokwill bring in even more sunny vibes. Booths overflowing with freebies and exciting raffle prizesawait everyone who will join.

No More Raining On Your Parade

For the first time in a while, Downy will be holding an on-ground community event. At the Sampayan ng Bayan, anyone can bring up to 6kg worth of laundry and wash them with Downy for free.

The event comes at an opportune time now that drying our clothes under thesun has become nearlyimpossible. The rainy season has left most households with no choice but to dry their laundry indoors most days. Since clothes are not properly ventilated and dried, bacteria buildup, leading to the musty, kulobsmell.

Sundried Freshness Made Possible

The solution? Downy with Deep Action Antibac – Downy’s best-ever Kontra-Kulob Technology! Downy Kontra Kulob not only gives fabrics irresistible softness, but also brings Sundried Freshness to every load, ensuring that everyone is protected from kulob!

As we enter the rainy season, make it your laundry habit to wash all yourfabrics with Downy. Since we have been spending most of our time at home, it is important to make sure that every piece of cloth and fabric, including our pambahays and even our furniture covers, is protected with the long-lasting Sundried Fresh scent of Downy. By doing so, we can keep the rainy-day blues away and ensure that everyone’s mood is bright and sunny at home.


Beating the Kulob Away

Here are 3 steps you can take to ensure that your family gets ultimate protection from kulob. From organizing your laundry to storing it, here’s how you can kulob-proof your clothes:


  1. Sort your laundry–Some of our laundry may require extra attention, especially if it includes damp items like bath towels. Keep in mind that the longer clothes remain damp with sweat and dirt, the more germs will grow. For damp clothes, it’s best to wash them separately and wash them as soon as possible.


  1. Wash your clothes with fabric conditioner –DownyAntibacKontra Kulob not only strengthens fabric, but also brings Sundried Freshness to every load, ensuring that your whole household is protected from kulobthis rainy season.


Downy Shopee Link:https://shopee.ph/scp/98479449/eyJjaWQiOjMwOTg0LCJzaWQiOjk4NDc3OTcwLCJpc0RyYWZ0IjpmYWxzZX0%3D


  1. Store your clothes properly –Avoid storing your clothes in places where bacteria can grow and damage them, such as your bathroom or basement. To keep your garments in good condition, keep them in a clean, dry, and cool environment that is free of direct sunlight.


Learn more about how you canprotect your household from kulob by joining Downy’s#SunnyAllSaDowny Sampayan ng Bayan!You can also tune in on the day itself by getting live updates from the IG stories of our hosts,Kaladkaren, and Tart Carlos. Pass on the excitement to your family, friends, and ka-barangay, and together,#MagBANGOngBuhaysaDowny.


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