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McFarlane Toys Batman: Arkham City figures bringing in DC Multiverse Solomon Grundy Build-a-Figure

Here’s a look at the McFarlane Toys Batman: Arkham City figures coming out soon with all the figures coming with pieces needed to build a massive Solomon Grundy figure.

Of course these figures are based on the now classic game Batman: Arkham City from Rocksteady Games.

Check out each figure for the Solomon Grundy build-a-figure wave.



The Penguin

Ras Al Ghul

And check out the Solomon Grundy BAF down below.

mcfarlane solomon grundy baf

In the game, Penguin found Grundy and uses him to try to kill Batman when he entraps the Dark Knight in Grundy’s lair. According to Cobblepot, he found the big guy when he bought the place.

And you know what, I love the Batman boss fight with Solomon Grundy from Batman: Arkham City

The even creepier part about the Solomon Grundy fight was the fact that they already referenced the creature through scattered leaflets and posters as Batman traverses the undergrounds of the city.

The BAF will surely look good with the DC Multiverse Bane figure…

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