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TERA Classic SEA Gathers The Best Influencers From Southeast Asia

PlayPark’s newest mobile MMORPG TERA Classic SEA reveals a big campaign ‘Triple War’ that gathers 11 famous Streamers, Cosplayers, and VTuber channels from 5 countries in Southeast Asia with a total of over 8,000,000 followers!! These talents will be the faces and brand ambassadors of TERA Classic SEA.

From Thailand comes Pang, Onnies, Aisha, and Hinabe HongFei. Pang runs her channel แป้งสามป๋องซาว (Pang-Sam-Pong-Sound), and is one of the biggest streamers in Thailand. Onnies is one of the country’s most well-known and respected cosplayers, able to fully transform herself to any of the characters she wants!

Aisha is known as Thailand’s first ever vtuber. She is a cute and energetic cat AI that can heal the hearts of her viewers with laughter, brightness, and songs. Joining her in Triple War is Hinabe HongFei, a fox girl vtuber who exudes a big sister vibe. She is warm but playful, and is prone to make jokes. HongFei likes to stream video games, chat with her viewers, and create ASMR content.

Hailing from Indonesia are Kapten Liong and Clausie. Kapten Liong is one of the first Facebook streamers in Indonesia. His trusted game reviews and opinions on video games have earned him a solid fanbase of Indonesian gamers. Clausie has built a reputation in the Indonesian MMORPG scene and is one of the most-watched content creators. She likes to cosplay and is an inspiration to many of her fans.

Representing Singapore and Malaysia is xiaoyukiko.  Her fans were wowed with her cosplay, and has been invited to guest in many anime and cosplay conventions in Southeast Asia. With over 1 million followers on Facebook and Instagram, her creations continue to set the standard for cosplayers in the region.

From the Philippines, we have Maine Eugenio, Sh1n Boo, Buunja, and Rob Luna. Maine is a content creator best known for her dancing and masterful gaming, a knockout combination for fun and engaging streams. Sh1n Boo has been a household name in the Philippine gaming scene with his energetic casting that never fails to get the audience hyped. Buunja has made a name for herself with her cute and energetic personality, lively game streams, and hyper-detailed cosplay projects. Rob is a streamer, shoutcaster, and content creator best known for his energetic and engaging shoutcasting and analysis.

Triple War will showcase their talents and gaming prowess so be sure to check out their TERA Classic SEA streams in the coming months!

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With over one million downloads in South Korea alone, TERA Classic SEA has consistently topped the app rankings during its launching and has always been in the Top 10 highest grossing games on the Google Play Store in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

With stunning graphics, engaging mechanics, skill customization for all characters, and the ability to create unlimited combos, TERA Classic SEA brings a world-class MMORPG experience complete with dungeons, mounts, bosses, PvP, and fashion outfits. By launch, the game will feature the five core classes: High Elf Archer, Slayer, Elin Lancer, Elin Priest, and Gladiator. Rediscover the legendary MMORPG Tera, this time in mobile form!

Follow the news about TERA Classic SEA on the website.
https://teraclassic.playpark.com or www.facebook.com/PlayParkTERAClassicSEA

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