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The Sandman Episode 1 Review – Sleep of the Just

Here’s my The Sandman episode 1 review episode title Sleep of the Just starring Tom Sturridge and more and based on the story by Neil Gaiman. Now streaming on Netflix.

Before we proceed, there will be spoilers here so SPOILER ALERT…

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I honestly thought that this is going to be a slow burn of a series and a pilot but man oh man was I wrong. And I’m happy I was wrong because this series is beautiful.

For the pilot, we get to unpack A LOT of stuff while being left with more hunger. That’s what shows like this should strive for when they get released.

Going back, there’s a lot to take here and they manage to get the pacing right. From the introduction to Dream of the Endless, his original reason to leave the realm (which was to recapture The Corinthian), his subsequent summoning and capture and the happenings with the Magus through the years.

I’m also floored at how well they depicted the use of Dream’s powers are especially at that scene where he finally escapes the clutches of his captors. Very well executed and very well paced.

I also liked how they dangled a lot of plot points here that we will definitely see in the coming episodes like what The Corinthian’s plans are. Now I’m like “what’s he been doing in between the time he met with The Magus and the moment Morpheus was freed from his glass cell”.

You also get to empathize with Dream as he helplessly looks on as Jessamy is killed by Alex Burgess at the order of his father Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance). Tom Sturridge really brought his A-Game for this episode even if he barely uttered anything for the majority of the episode.

Again, I liked the pacing and the elements here for The Sandman episode 1 and I’m definitely looking forward to see more of the episodes.



So that’s my The Sandman episode 1 review. What are your thoughts about the series? Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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