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Level Up: Yeeha Games Seeks Breakthrough in the Gaming Industry

August 5, 2022 — Yeeha Games, a $50 million-funded gaming platform is looking to shake up the playing field.

From the coronavirus pandemic to the historic global markets’ collapse, in less than two years, billions of people have dealt with a decade’s worth of change and volatility. Shockwaves aside, history might also remember 2022 as the year opportunities emerged. Perhaps now, more than ever, the ability to stay nimble and connected — virtually — is critical to making gaming more accessible to gamers worldwide.

A signature narrative for the gaming industry in recent years has been the role of uninspiring gameplay and unsophisticated graphics. Yeeha Games is looking to shake that up.

“Gamers are tired of play-to-win games with weak gameplay,” says Choy Wai Cheong (Choy), co-founder and COO of Yeeha Games. “Here at Yeeha Games, we’re all about the connections, the immersive experience, the exhilaration of knowing that there is always a way up, a way out, and a way into a whole new world of discovery. Where others create a normalized playing field, we connect gamers across global communities to build and experience their very own versions of a digital and virtual world. Whichever world you find yourself playing in, we invite you to level up in ours.”

What Yeeha Games is offering could forever change the way gaming is experienced for years to come.

Yeeha Games is building an ecosystem that not only offers high-quality games to gamers worldwide, it also provides a platform for creators and gamers to come together to experience new ways of gaming — together. Yeeha Games has been working closely with multiple game studios to create quality games that are entertaining and fun to play to drive user engagement and retention.

“Traditionally, communication between gamers and game developers is not so straightforward; we want to break down barriers and build trust and transparency between the parties. Our platform empowers gamers with ownership in the games they love, allowing them to not just participate in gameplay, but also get involved in how the direction of each game unfolds,” added Choy.

When game studios release their games on Yeeha Games, they get to leverage the benefits of the ecosystem, including a network of gamers and support from experts in the industry.

Those who sign up for an account on the platform will enjoy priority access to all games within the Yeeha Games ecosystem. Also, while traditional games operate within themselves, meaning in-game assets are obsolete outside of the games, the platform allows users to transfer or exchange their assets and switch between games easily within the ecosystem. To put it simply, gamers have the freedom to experience a wide variety of games without worrying about sunk costs.

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