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There’s finally a crumpled paper / Trash plastic model kit from StudioSYUTO

Leave it to StudioSYUTO to come up with the funniest, quirkiest plastic model kit after the Sushi plamo kit, as they just revealed their latest product, the Trash Plastic model kit!


Here’s what they wrote on the Good Smile Company website:

Thus, another new plastic model was born into this world.

StudioSYUTO, known for the popular Sushi Plastic Model, now presents a new “Trash Plastic Model” conceived by useless thing inventor Marina Fujiwara!

In these days of constantly accelerating consumerism, why not take the time to stop and make a trash plastic model? These plastic model kits are made of 100% recycled materials and are environmentally friendly.

*Instructions are not enclosed, so please enjoy it as though it were a puzzle.
*The kit includes parts to make two balls of trash. (Includes 2 runners.)

As mentioned above, this will come with two runners and an assorted parts made of different shapes and sizes. Plamo fans and builders can use their imagination to snap and build their own trash plamo kit.

Here’s what the product looks like together with the packaging…

I’m honestly still stumped that Japan really made this. And hey, it’s better than continuously crumpling paper to get the same desired look.

You can pre-order here

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