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Thor: Love and Thunder concept art reveals plans for Russell Crowe as Satan before being Zeus

New Thor: Love and Thunder concept art reveals that Marvel Studios had planned to make Russell Crowe as Satan before being officially cast as Zeus.

Now that its been a few weeks since it hit theaters, a lot of materials have been released for the film including new Thor: Love and Thunder concept art featuring the “Gladiator” star as Satan. Check out the concept art below:

Here’s what concept artist Ken Barthmey post on his Instagram account…

Hey folks! Here’s a concept I did for the latest Thor film.

@russellcrowe was initially considered to appear as Satan in a cameo scene. Eventually he played Zeus.

The task was to design a Satan close to Tim Curry’s Devil from ”Legend” (1985); big horns, sleazy and evil. Because it was going to be a prosthetic make-up, I was asked to give him hairy human legs and feet. This is what I came up with.

Concept I did for Thor: Love and Thunder at @odd_studio. Thanks to Creature/Prosthetic Designer & Supervisor @adman855 for bringing me on board. I’ll post more work in the coming days!

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Its definitely a good thing that Taika Waititi and the rest of Marvel Studios opted to turn Crowe into the Greek god. But in another world, it would have been cool to see the dude as Satan and jeering and howling in Omnipotent City.

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