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The X-Men just committed a tactical error that could get them all killed for good – Hellfire Gala # 1 Spoilers

This week’s Hellfire Gala # 1 didn’t just reveal the new X-Men team that would star in the ongoing X-Men book by Gerry Duggan but it also gets the ball rolling in a number of ways for characters and the status quo as well. Hellfire Gala # 1 spoilers abound.


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So in this one-shot, the mutants of Krakoa once again open the island for visitors for their annual Hellfire Gala which is hosted by Emma Frost this time. And while they are partying, the ORCHIS group have officially added former Krakoa founder Moira McTaggert back from the dead after her fall from grace in Inferno. Moira uses the body of Mary Jane Watson as her puppet to get back in the island to fish for more information.

There she meets her son Kevin aka Proteus who is part of Krakoa’s “The Five”, the mutants responsible for resurrecting dead mutants.

Spider-Man and Proteus begin a fight with Proteus wanting to kill his mother while Spidey is there to make sure that nothing happens to MJ.

Moira is using MJ’s body as a hostage and Wolverine makes an appearance to try to end things as discreetly as possible.

Moira makes an escape through a gate so Spider-Man and Wolverine team-up to stop Moira and save MJ.

That’s pretty much the end for this plot because the next time we see Moira, she’s teleported to an undisclosed place and washes her hand of blood, which may or may not be hers.

She reports the names of the members of The Five, the most important mutants in Krakoa. Moira deduces that taking them out will stop the mutants from getting resurrected.

What do you guys think of this new development from Hellfire Gala # 1? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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