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An Interview with Magic The Gathering Streets of New Capenna artists Luis Esteves & Josh Corpuz

I recently did an online interview with Streets of New Capenna artists Luis Ortiz and Josh Corpuz regarding their involvement with one of the more recent expansion packs for Magic the Gathering.


1. Your collab is terrific! What were your influences?

Luis: My influence for this project is Karla Ortiz. Josh and I just tried to combine our influences.

Josh: I’m mostly influenced by artists like Akihiko Yoshida and Tsubasa Masao.

2. (For both) How did you approach the development of your assigned artwork for Streets of New Capenna? What did you research on? What were your inspirations?

Luis: As to what Josh said. It’s a lot of back and forth for a short period of time. Since we were given a good solid brief, our research mostly focuses on existing compositions from various artists including our influences mentioned earlier.

Josh: Both me and Luis did a certain number of sketches prior to starting, we then pooled in those sketches together and picked the strongest ones that we cleaned up a bit before submitting them for feedback.

As for the influences, we just both made sure that we worked how we usually work with a bit of feedback from each other as well to ensure that the style is consistent throughout.

3. What are you looking forward to the do next from the world of Magic the Gathering?

Luis:  I’m looking forward to working on environments, prop design or creatures in the future.

4. For Luis, you linework from your Artstation looks great, are you really this meticulous when it comes to drawing machinery and mech?

Luis: Thank you! Yes, these help me make my designs more believable. If the functionality of the details I draw is clear enough, it’s easier for the audience to understand the design I’m making.

5. (for Josh) what are your challenges whenever you switch between creatures and humanoid characters?

Josh: Getting used to and adjusting the anatomy.

6. Any tips for aspiring Pinoy artists who also want to get their own special Magic the Gathering card project in the future?

Luis: Draw what you love to draw and enjoy the process. Better yet, take online art classes if you want to learn faster from industry professionals and keep practicing right after.

Josh: My only advice is to just keep practicing and do the art that you want to do and how you do it.

About Streets of New Capenna

Magic: The Gathering’s next expansion brings crime, class and corruption to a new Art Deco-style Plane

Wizards of the Coast will be releasingStreets of New Capenna, the latest set for the world’s oldest and best trading card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG)on 29 April. Set in the brand-newArt Deco noir metropolis of New Capenna (#MTGCapenna), the set centres around five unique crime families vying for control over the city. Streets of New Capenna contains 281 cards and will be available on tabletop.

For the first time, players in selected Southeast Asian (SEA) countries will be able to own exclusive Family Treasure Tokens for Streets of New Capenna. Illustrated by artists in the region and with a limited single print run, six designs of the Treasure Tokens are available with every purchase of a collector booster box, while stocks last, at participating WPN stores (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines) and online (Singapore only).

A city built by angels and ruled by demons, New Capenna conceals a crooked underbelly beneath its extravagant parties and classy citizens. Five conniving syndicates feud for control over the supply of “Halo”, a rare resource highly sought after for its material beauty and magic-boosting power. But as the invasion of a bigger threat enters New Capenna, it’s up to Planewalkers Vivien and Elspeth to prevent the conflict between families from boiling into an all-out war.

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