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Pinay Mighty Thor Cosplayers usher in Thor: Love and Thunder

Today let’s look at four Pinay Mighty Thor cosplayers who definitely show their love to the character of Jane Foster aka the Mighty Thor played by Natalie Portman who will be appearing in the Taika Waititi film starring opposite Chris Hemsworth.

And before we begin, be sure to read up on my non-spoiler Thor: Love and Thunder review and be sure to catch the movie (if you plan to watch it) in an SM Cinema near you!

Awie De Guzman

Ross Diong

On why she cosplayed as Mighty Thor/ Jane Foster:

I love Natalie Portman ever since i was younger from the star wars movies. I’ve always wanted to cosplay one of her characters and now mighty thor has given me that chance. Ofc i also needed to make her costume coz it’s so badass and as a cosplay crafter i loved the challenge. I love cosplaying badass characters. Writing this atm, I haven’t watched the movie yet coz waiting for Friday lol but i am excited for The Mighty Thor coming to the big screen. Marvel movies have never disappointed so I can’t wait for this one.. 🙂

Jacqueline Ji

On why she cosplays as Mighty Thor/ Jane Foster

It was actually my cosplan since 2017 the comic version. But due to busy schedules, I didn’t pursue it. And when I heard about the news, it triggered me to get back into something I love doing.

Kaysey Joelle

On why she cosplays as Mighty Thor/ Jane Foster

❤️⚡️ J A N E ? ⚡️❤️
posting this to remind myself why i do what i do. 4 years ago, i felt so worthy & mighty when i first became jane. that was such an incredible feeling ✨️
when the bitches in my head get too overwhelming, i sometimes look at my lady thor cosplay pictures. as someone who often feels so ✨️unworthy✨️, it gives me a boost when i see myself in full armor, weilding mjolnir. slowly, i get to feel worthy again.
that’s why i do what i do. that’s why i love being jane foster even for just a day. that’s what i need to keep in mind when i once again enter the convention halls, in full armor, weilding mjolnir.
i am worthy ❤️⚡️

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