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Batman/Catwoman # 12 Spoilers – they finally did it

Bleedingcool breaks the story (or spoils it actually) about the finale for Batman/Catwoman # 12, the finale to Tom King’s Batman-Catwoman story with art by Clay Mann and they yes, they finally did it.

So this series and ending has climbed the tallest mountain and yet it also feels silly. I think its silly to push this event and it be in a limited series and not the main Batman book. Also putting in the “Black Label” line assures us that this wedding isn’t going to stick or will be relegated to non-canon books.

Before I continue my rant check out the covers below…

The couple decides to get married and they do it with the help of a Las Vegas style, Batman-themed wedding in Gotham City.

And they even call in their friends Superman and Lois Lane to be the witnesses to their wedding. Lois is even wearing the same dress she wore when they went out on a double date in the main Batman book.

As a cherry on top, the ceremony was also done by a guy wearing an Adam West Batman costume.

Again this ending to Batman/Catwoman # 12 looks great and all but its under the Black Label banner so it means that its likely non-canon. Or it could have happened in an alternate reality already. Which is like a sorry not sorry in my book.

Credits to Bleedingcool.com!

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