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WWE announcer Kayla Braxton comments on abortion repeal, says she was a product of rape

A very hot topic in the US today which is trending right now is the US decision to repeal abortion rights. Many celebrities and personalities chimed in on the decision and one of the is WWE announcer Kayla Braxton who has even revealed that she was a product of rape pointing on the necessity of access to abortion in these situations.

In her post she states that carrying the baby should be women’s choice and not mandated or dictated by the law.

She then further pushes the point by adding that she was “a product of rape”, describing that her mother was raped by a stranger and both she and her mother still don’t know who the culprit is.

The young WWE announcer then states that her mother chose to go on with the pregnancy because she wanted to and not because she had to.

Here’s what she wrote:

This topic is definitely generating a lot of buzz and after Kayla’s post, Titus O’Neil also chimed in, sharing his thoughts and being in the same situation.

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