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The Hellbat Armor Origin

Lets revisit a now classic part of Batman’s arsenal that’s been forgotten in recent times but sorely needs to be revisited or needs to make a reappearance in the Batman books soon. Here’s the Hellbat armor origin.

This sleek, all black armor first appeared in Batman and Robin # 33 (New 52) and was designed as a way for Batman to go on an even level in a big fight with threats that can’t be dispatched by Batman’s arsenal of weapons.


The problem with the Hellbat armor is that it felt more like a deus ex machina and a plot tool rather than an organic armor for Batman to use.

Its painfully obvious that the armor was contrived by the writing team of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason when they were the creative team on Batman and Robin as a way for Batman to go on a mission to Darkseid’s turf of Apokolips.

So the reason for that was because Batman wanted to bring Damian Wayne, his son back to life. He’s gone around the world looking for his son and ends up teaming up with Frankenstein and fighting Ras Al Ghul and his forces.

Before Batman could get the killing blow and leave with Damian’s body, Apokolips agent G. Gordon Godfrey appears with a host of Parademons and attack with the goal of stealing away Damian’s body because it contains trace elements of the Chaos sliver energy.

Later the Justice League appear and help Batman repel the attack.

Batman wants to reclaim Damian’s body and incapacitate the League before teleporting back to the Watchtower with the goal of using the Hellbat Armor.

The issue kind of ends with the introduction of that devilishly beautiful Hellbat armor.

Of course the Justice League quickly catch up with the Dark Knight and they are able to prevent him from wearing the suit which is actually also capable of killing Batman because it uses Wayne’s metabolism to power itself.

We also get to see the League helping build the Hellbat armor, primarily with Superman forging the suit inside the sun, which is always a cool scene.

  • The husk forged in the Sun by Superman which is made of ‘nanoparticle mesh’ which can be shifted and changed on voice command, it would also be assumed that the increased strength and durability were also given by Superman and Wonder Woman
  • Wings created with Green Lantern’s powers which have been made using the same ‘nanoparticle mesh’ as the husk
  • Flash worked the suit to be able to handle the Speed Force and to add speed to the list of the suit’s powers
  • Cyborg worked on the technology of the suit which would include the voice control of the nano kinetic mesh and the higher power energy blast from the Bat chest insignia
  • Aquaman worked on the suit, presumably giving it marine powers
  • Wonder Woman added some of her own powers, specifics unknown

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