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Meet the new Infinix ambassador: Time to see Andrea Brillantes in absolute gaming action

Have you ever experienced a game where your mobile screen tears or lags? All gamers know this frustration. Smooth game play is crucial to helping gamers reach their absolute gaming potential.

Now, Infinix offers the ultimate phone for the job with impressive features that promises only the smoothest gameplay so you can level up your mobile gaming to the next level – the Infinix NOTE 12.

However, it takes an actual gamer to know and share the best specs for a gaming phone. Cue in Andrea Brillantes, the newest Infinix ambassador.


Andrea Brillantes has slowly been making a name for herself in the local gaming industry as a streamer and mobile game aficionado.

When asked about how she views her success in the mobile gaming scene, Andrea shared, “Alamkonamedyobagopalangakoditosa streaming peroangsayamaging parte nitong gaming community and gusto ko pa siyangpagbutihan.”

(I know that I’m still a novice at streaming but it’s fun being part of the gaming community and I want to do my best doing it.)

This time, she is partnering with Infinix to showcase the outstanding smooth game play that the Infinix NOTE 12 has to offer.

“Anglaking improvement talaganakitako when I started using NOTE 12. Walang lag, only smooth gameplay. I still have a lot to learn and improve on as a gamer but I’m sure that NOTE 12 will allow me to unleash my full potential,” she added.

The Infinix NOTE 12’s features all add up for a quick and responsive gaming experience – with its Helio G96 Ultra Gaming Processor, you’ll be witnessing the action at the best speeds and each command will be instantly in sync and sans input delays.


The Infinix NOTE 12 Super Light AMOLED Screen also makes sure that each game is in brilliant high definition. Its screen promises optimized color contrast, calibration and resolution.


Infinix NOTE 12, beyond gaming 

While Andrea Brillantes is just getting started in the gaming industry, she’s already a well-known actress, influencer, and all-around performer.


As she juggles all these roles, the Infinix NOTE 12 is a powerful phone that she can count on.

Aside from its high-performance processor, the Infinix NOTE 12 can also expand its memory from 8GB to 13GB by integrating RAM and ROM. This provides extra speed when it comes to multitasking on your phone.

To keep up with her Tiktok and Instagram influencer lifestyle, the Infinix NOTE 12 also has amazing camera features.

Its rear camera has an impressive 50MP main camera while she’s always selfie-ready with the Infinix NOTE 12 16MP front camera.  The rear camera also provides different lenses, including an ultra-wide angle lens and a depth lens for more artistic photography goals.

There are also different settings such as Professional Night Scene Photography mode and Professional Portrait Mode to help you take your photos to the next level.

So, there you have it. For gaming, photography, and everything in between, the Infinix NOTE 12 delivers with awesome functionalities that go beyond the smartphone basics.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Infinix NOTE 12 at your nearest Infinix Stores Nationwide andShopee this June 13. You can also visit infinixmobility.com and Infinix’ Facebook Page,to learn more about the Infinix NOTE 12.

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