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We challenged these guys to take up the #AXEDares and here’s how they did

Feeling fresh is one thing, but smelling good at the same time is hard to achieve especially if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines. While we might be used to the humid weather and the uncontrolled sweat that results from our exposure to warm temperatures, we don’t always feel confident when perspiration mixes with perfume.

That’s why you need more than just any fragrance – you need a fragrance that protects you from odor-causing bacteria, as you keep up with your active, spontaneous lifestyle. Enter AXE, one of the top male fragrances in the world. With its unique formula combining 48-hour odor-busting deo protection with the best-smelling fragrances, you are sure to feel confident and fresh, with superior fragrance and protection in any situation. It also has dual-action technology that fights odor-causing bacteria and a world-class fragrance that fights off stink to keep guys on top of their game all the time.

Seeing if AXE is really a #FragranceThatProtects, the fragrance brand challenged these guys to step out of their comfort zones and try out various #AXEDares:


Squats Pampatibay ng Tuhod at Relasyon

Staying active and fit every day in hot weather can be irritating as it results in body odor and perspiration. Though we try our best to look and smell fresh after a daily workout, we need a double-duty product that has longer protection against bad odor. Vlogger and actor Benedict Cua took on the 50-squats challenge to test the limits of AXE. “Superior ang kan’yang fragrance and at the same time pino-protect ka rin n’ya sa body odor, especially when you sweat,” he says after successfully completing the dare.


From Manual Testing to Automatic Kilig

Driving one is one thing but teaching someone else how to take on the road is another. It requires a lot of patience and attention from your student, especially if it’s your significant other we are talking about. Step up your fragrance to stay cool and fresh so that you can keep up with your long driving lesson all-day long. “I wanted to teach my girlfriend to drive manual so that I can get that extra help especially when we’re out for long drives! My love for cars started when I was a kid, and to share this passion with the person I love the most is such a great feeling! ” Racecar driver Daniel Miranda said as he flaunts his AXE Black.


Art for Heart’s Sake

Creativity can be sweaty at some point, for the most part during the process of it. In particular, not just body odor but also the smell of paint or materials you are working with can stick to clothes and your body. Actor and model Marc David showed his creativity as he showcased his talent in painting, “No matter where my day takes me, AXE keeps me fresh and ready for anything. Trying out different #AXEDares with my favorite scents are no sweat, staying cool and confident has never been this easy.”


No matter where my day takes me @axe keeps me fresh and ready for anything.Trying out different #AxeDares with my favorite scents is no sweat, staying cool and confident has never been this easy. Dive into the freshness of AXE collection of fragrances to make sure you smell your best even when you sweat #fragrancethatprotects #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Hot Damn – Aves

Conquering walls and fears of…meeting the parents

What else is the more sweaty situation than meeting the parents of your girlfriend for the first time? You might have got the sweet ‘yes’ of your significant other but it is still a different matter to get the approval of her parents. Pilot Renz David did not back down from this dare as he brought his girlfriend to an amusement park to enjoy a whole day’s date with a spritz of his AXE Black to boost him all day. Afterwards, he asked her if he could finally meet her family, “It was a day full of fun-filled activities and extreme rides in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. After completing the dare I still smell or feel great thanks to AXE. It is indeed a #FragranceThatProtects.


Received AXE Dares from AXE and took Bards in Universal Studios Singapore. It was a day full of fun-filled activities and extreme rides in the hot and humid weather of Singapore. After completing the dare I still smell or feel great big thanks to AXE. It is indeed a FragranceThatProtects.

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

These are just a few of the challenges that AXE prepared for guys out there that wanted to step out of their comfort zone and try new things with the Fragrance That Protects. Do you think you can take on the #AXEDares? Get your AXE favorites for up to 50% off on Lazada, Shopee, and other leading e-retailers and supermarkets nationwide, and bring home the official #AXEDares deck to see if you have what it takes!


For more information, visit the official AXE Philippines’ Facebook page and other social media accounts.


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